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At the Digital Advertising Association (DAA) we understand the importance of training and the continuous investment in your education in order to hone your skills and grow your business.

We’ve delivered award winning Digital Marketing Certifications to businesses for over 20 years, covering an extensive range of highly coveted digital marketing skills. We test your skills and deliver certificates dependent on your specific skill set in an effort to differentiate you from the crowd..

Looking to get started on your certification today? Simply create an account on this page to start applying for your certificate and advancing your career today.

We are currently offering a variety of certifications in an effort to provide your business with more credibility and help you stand out in the growing digital space.

We look forward to you joining our community of members that have grown their businesses for many years. Welcome to Digital Advertising Association!

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Our certificates are validated by some of the world’s largest and most influential companies.


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After receiving your certification, you will be able to display your new accreditation from Digital Advertising Association. You will also receive a unique badge allowing you to present your company as being accredited by the DAA on your website and beyond.

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When it comes to acquiring these digital powers that grow your business, there are bound to be questions on how to use this new found power. Here are some frequently asked questions from our members. 

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